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Test Equipment List

The test equipment used is maintained in calibration and good operating condition. Use of this calibrated equipment ensures measurements are traceable to national standards.

List of Test Equipment:
Scope: Tektronix 2230
Wattmeter: Bird 43 with Load Bird 8085

Power Supplies: Sorensen SRL 20-25, SRL 40-25, DCR 150, DCR 140
H/V Power Supply: Fluke Model: 408B (SN: 573)
R.F. Generator: HP 606A
R.F. Generator: HP 8614A
R.F. Generator: HP 8640B
Spectrum Analyzer: HP 8562A
Mixers: 11517A, 11970A, 11970K, 11970U, 11970V, 11970W
HP Adapters: 11518, 11519, 11520
Spectrum Analyzer: HP 8591 EM
Frequency Counter: Leader LDC 825
Antenna: EMCO Biconilog Model: 3143
Antenna: EMCO Log Periodic Model: 3147
Antenna: Antenna Research Biconical Model: BCD 235
Antenna: EMCO Dipole Set 3121C
Antenna: C.D. B-101
Antenna: Solar 9229-1 & 9230-1
Antenna: EMCO 6509
Audio Oscillator: H.P. 201CD
R.F. Power Amp 65W Model: 470-A-1010
R.F. Power Amp 50W M185- 10-501
R.F. PreAmp CPPA-102
Shielded Room 5 M x 3 M x 3.0 M (100 dB Integrity)
LISN 50 m Hy/50 ohm/0.1 m f
LISN Compliance Eng. 240/20

Peavey Power Amp Model: IPS 801
Power Amp A.R. Model: 10W 1010M7
Power Amp EIN Model: A301
ELGAR Model: 1751
ELGAR Model: TG 704A-3D
ESD Test Set 2010i
Fast Transient Burst Generator Model: EFT/B-101
Current Probe: Singer CP-105
Current Probe: Solar 9108-1N
Field Intensity Meter: EFM-018
KETEK Ecat Surge Generator



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